About me

Sonja Iglič

After completing a master degree in scenography at Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Sonja has decided to go back to her first love, jewellery. Having a background in theatre and film, the natural result is her out of the ordinary, conceptual jewellery. She is always inspired and moved by a certain idea, story or concept. Never thinking about the material or the finished product, she focuses on the idea, and lets it move her through the project. That’s the reason why the end product is always something new, and really one of a kind. The second thing that she is trying to achieve is changing people’s thought of what jewellery should be. Jewellery is something that’s not necessary, it’s pure luxury. But how it should be worn, what material should it be made of and what should it say about the wearer is often neglected or too conservative. Her big inspiration is a jewellery and product designer Gijs Bakker and his quote: “You have to be very careful with the idea. Idea itself is nothing, but if you make it work, then you create something.” That is something that she always keeps in mind while working on something new.

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